2022 Monash University. Graduate Certificate in Public Art

2015 Queensland University of Technology. Bachelor of fine arts, Visual Arts. (HONOURS)

2014 Queensland University of Technology. Bachelor of fine arts, Visual Arts.


2022, Project/Reflect, Outerspace ARI, Brisbane

2022,  Supercut 5, Outer Space ARI

2022,Multitude, performance, Rising Festival, Melbourne

2022, Angel Grindr, performance, Institute of Modern Art

2022,Sydney Contemporary, Art Bank, Carriageworks, Sydney

2021, Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Caloundra regional gallery, Sunshine Coast

2021, LINK, Tay Haggarty, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane 

2021, Mission Surge, Rising Festival, Parallel Park, Melbourne 

2021, Ambit, Metro Arts, Parallel Park, Brisbane

2020, Networked, Outer space Ari, Parallel Park, Brisbane 

2020, Sunny Side Up, Parallel Park, Brisbane City

2020, Loop, Metro Arts, Parallel Park, Brisbane 

2020, C19 Artist InResidence, Tay Haggarty, Outer Space, Brisbane. 

2020, Friendship as a Way of Life, Parallel Park, UNSW Galleries, Sydney

2019 Queer Economies, Parallel Park, BUS projects, Melbourne

2019 HITCHED, Parallel Park, Wyndham Culture Centre, Melbourne  

2018 Artivisms Now, Parallel Park, La Trobe Art Institute, Bendigo

2018 Video Contemporary at Sydney Contemporary, Parallel Park, Carriageworks, Sydney

2018 The Churchie Emerging Art Prize, Parallel Park, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane

2018 Extravagant Terms, Parallel Park, Byron School of Art, Mullumbimby

2018 Into Another, Parallel Park, Metro Arts, Brisbane

2018 January Mission Surge, Parallel Park, Night screen, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne

2018 January Can you keep me occupied, Parallel Park, Outer Space, Brisbane

2018 April Hard Light, Tay Haggarty, Wreckers Artspace, Brisbane.

2018 March Performance in Progress, Parallel Park, Residency at West Space, Melbourne

2018 January Can you keep me occupied, Parallel Park, Outer Space, Brisbane

2017 October In Time, Parallel Park, Hobiennale, Hobart Tasmania

2017 July Brave New Worlds, Parallel Park, Jacobs Ladder, Curated by Kieran Swann, Brisbane 

2017 June Tunnel Vision, Parallel Park, Open Studio, Brisbane 

2017 January 1 Degree, Parallel Park, Brisbane Powerhouse, Curated by Remi Roehrs, Brisbane

2017 June, Social Structures, Tay Haggarty, Metro Arts 

2016 November, INDICATE, Tay Haggarty, The Laundry Artspace, Brisbane

2016 November, #PRIZENOPRIZE, Parallel Park, The Walls, Gold Coast

2016 October, SHE’D SHED SHRED, Tay Haggarty, KUNSTBUNKER ARI, Brisbane

2016 August, Parallel Park, FELT SPACE, Perth

2016 July, Steven Bradbury Memorial Show, Parallel Park, The Laundry Artspace, Brisbane

2016 June, Shift 2, Parallel Park, in residence ARI, Brisbane

2016 June, Clutch Collective, Home ground, Boxcopy, Brisbane 

2016 January, Parallel Park, Tandem, Cut Thumb ARI, Brisbane 

2015 November, Before All Else, Tay Haggarty, H Block Gallery, Brisbane 

2015 September,WET, Tay Haggarty, Oral Ari, Brisbane 

2015 July, THIS IS NOT A DRILL, Tay Haggarty, The Hold Artspace, Brisbane 

2015 July, THIS IS NOT A DRILL (2), Tay Haggarty, H Block Gallery, Brisbane 

2015 June, ALONE TOGETHER, Tay Haggarty, Box Copy, Brisbane 

2015 June, Lets Change The Subject, Tay Haggarty, H Block Gallery, Brisbane 

2015 May, FILMSHELF Project, Tay Haggarty, Brisbane 

2015 February, Human Resources, Tay Haggarty, The Hold Artspace, Brisbane 

2015 February, Shape Of Things To Come, Tay Haggarty, The Block, Brisbane 

2015 January, 2High Festival, Tay Haggarty, Old Brisbane Museum, Brisbane 

2014 December, Suspension Points, Tay Haggarty, Ildiko Butler Gallery, new york

2014 November, Exit, Tay Haggarty, H block gallery, Brisbane 

2014 November, Excerpts, Tay Haggarty, The Block, Brisbane 

2014 September, Occupied, Tay Haggarty, Metro Arts, Brisbane 

2014 June, Storage Space, Tay Haggarty, The Hold Artspace, Brisbane 

2014 April, Eyeshot, Tay Haggarty, H block gallery, Brisbane 

2013 November, Home Sick, Tay Haggarty, Metro Arts, Brisbane 

2013 October, Holy Trinity, Tay Haggarty, Brew, Brisbane 

2013 June, Gendered, Tay Haggarty, H Block Gallery, Brisbane 


2016, CLUTCH collective, Co-director 

2015, The Hold Artspace, Gallery manager

2014, The Hold Artspace, Gallery staff


2021 Sunshine Coast Art Prize finalist, Caloundra Regional Gallery

2019 Jeremy Hynes Award, Institute of Modern Art

2016 #PRIZENOPRIZE finalist, The Walls

2015 November, 1st Class Honours

2015 November, Eyeline Magazine prize


2015 Art Association of Australian and New Zealand conference

2014 Brisbane Festival (working with Exxopolis luminariam)

2014 Australian Performing Arts Market (installing Patricia piccinini, Sky whale)

2014 The Hold Artspace (Gallery internship)

2013 Post datum (student ARI)


2015 May, Double Take, The HoldArtspace

2013 November, Home Sick, Metro Arts

2013 June, Gendered, H Block Gallery


2021 Sunny Side Up Panel, Museum Of Brisbane 

2020 Friendship is a way of life, Parallel Park, Artist Talk

2017 Parallel Park Artist Talk, Hobiennale. Hobart, Tasmania

2015 Waypoint:Contemporary artists, conceptual influences

2015 Excepts BFA discussion

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