Tay Haggarty’s practice is fixated on exploring how reductive forms could be used as an open field to achieve personal and shared experience. These investigations take form through collaboration, performance, video, installation and sculpture. The materials used include industrial or ready-made materials that when constructed within the space, are arranged to heighten the precarious elements of tension and balance. These undertakings are often habitually minimal, site specific. 

Haggarty is a co-director of CLUTCH collective and is one half of the collaborative duo Parallel Park. They completed their Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) degree at the Queensland University of Technology in 2015. They have exhibited locally within various group shows at spaces such as Metro Arts, Outer Space ARI and Box copy, and has had solo shows at Oral ARI, Kunstbunker ARI and Wreckers Artspace. Haggarty has also shown interstate and internationally at FELT space in Perth, BUS Projects and at the Ildiko Butler Gallery in New York. They were the 2019 recipient of the Jeremy Hynes award.

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